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This slideshow covers a large amount of content about the topic of energy, including: heat and temperature, particle theory, changes of state, conduction, convection, radiation, understanding heat transfer and applying it to vacuum flasks and other items, evaporation, rate of heat transfer, heat loss in animals, heat loss in houses, house insulation, U values, specific heat capacity, reducing energy consumption, heating ice, latent heat of fusion, types of energy, energy changes, efficiency, Sankey diagrams, energy and power, work done, kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, electrical energy, the cost of electricity, reading electricity meters, fuels, power stations, pollution, nuclear power, start up times, renewable energy, biofuels, carbon capture, wind turbines, tidal power, wave power, hydroelectricity, biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy, the National Grid, power lines.

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