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his slideshow covers: a recap of the Motor Effect, electromagnetic induction and how it works, flux, flux linkage, Faraday's Law, EM induction caused by a magnet falling through a coil, Lenz's Law, how Lenz's Law is a consequence of energy conservation, cutting field lines, AC generators, how transformers work, a revision of alternating current, RMS value, resistance and average power, the transformer equation, power in transformers, how transformers are used in power distribution, why transformers are not 100% efficient, how to improve the efficiency of a transformer, diodes, how diodes work, full-wave rectification using diodes, smoothing, capacitors, definition of capacitance, dielectrics, charging and discharging a capacitor, current-time graph for capacitors, how resistance affects charging and discharging times, capacitor combinations, time constant, energy stored in a capacitor, exponential decay functions for capacitors, turning exponential decay into a straight line graph.

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