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  • B3 Organism Level Systems
  • B2 Scaling Up
  • P4 Magnetism and Mag Fields
  • P5 Waves in Matter
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    • P7 Astronomy
    • B4 Natural selection and genetic modification
    • NEW 2016 AQA

      • P4 Atomic Structure
      • P8 Space Physics
      • C6 Rate and Extent of Chemical Change
      • B5 Homeostasis and Response
      • B6 Inheritance, variation and evolution
      • B7 Ecology
      • C5 Energy Changes
      • NEW 2016 OCR 21st Century

        • B4 Using Food
        • B3 Living Together
        • P4 Explaining Motion

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Year 7 Modules

These slideshows are matched to the QCA scheme of work and can easily be combined to create larger slideshows if needed.

Powerpoints for the following units

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