Welcome to Education Using PowerPoint - your home of high quality, syllabus-specific PowerPoint slideshows for the 2016 GCSEs (9-1), KS3 science, A Level Physics and IB Physics

This site aims to make high quality PowerPoint slideshows and presentations available for the teaching of Physics, Chemistry and Biology that are syllabus-specific to the AQA, EdExcel and OCR 9-1 2016 GCSE specifications. It also contains slideshows for the EdExcel iGCSE courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as KS3 Science, A Level Physics and IB Physics courses.

All of these PowerPoints are fully editable and can be downloaded after a small yearly subscription has been taken out.

GCSE slideshows

PowerPoints for the 2016 (9-1) AQA, OCR and EdExcel 2016 GCSEs
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KS3 slideshows

Slideshows for the 2014 Key Stage 3 curriculum

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A Level Physics

Slideshows with over 350 slides to teach A Level Physics with.

2015 A Level Physics

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