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NEW 2016 OCR Gateway

  • B6 Global Challenges
  • C5 Monitoring and Controlling Reactions
  • C6 Global Challenges
  • P6 Global Challenges
  • NEW 2016 EdExcel

    • P12 Magnetism and the Motor Effect
    • P13 Electromagnetic Induction
    • P14 Particle Model
    • P15 Forces and Matter
    • NEW 2016 AQA

      • C10 Using Resources
      • C9 Chemistry of the Atmosphere
      • C8 Chemical Analysis
      • C7 Organic Chemistry
      • P4 Atomic Structure
      • P8 Space Physics
      • NEW 2016 OCR 21st Century

        • B6 Life on Earth
        • B5 The Human Body
        • C6 Making Useful Chemicals
        • C5 Chemical Analysis

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Welcome to Education Using PowerPoint - your home of high quality, syllabus-specific PowerPoint slideshows for the NEW 2016 GCSEs, KS3 science and A Level Physics

This site aims to make high quality PowerPoint slideshows, presentations and other resources available for the teaching of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and are syllabus-specific to the NEW 2016 and outgoing 2011 GCSE specifications. It also contains slideshows for KS3 Science and A Level Physics. All of these resources can be used on interactive whiteboards and can be downloaded and fully edited after a small yearly subscription has been taken out.

LATEST NEWS - This site now contains PowerPoints to cover the entire 2016 (9-1) GCSE courses for AQA, EdExcel, OCR Gateway and OCR 21st Century. Please click on the sections on the left for more information.

GCSE slideshows

PowerPoints for the NEW 2016 (9-1) AQA, OCR and EdExcel 2016 GCSEs

KS3 slideshows

Slideshows for the 2014 Key Stage 3 curriculum!

A Level Physics

Slideshows with over 350 slides to teach A Level Physics with.

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