Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I access the files on this site?

The files on this site are password protected. Buying a password (currently only 50) will enable you to download ALL of the content on this site and each password lasts for one year.

To find out more please click here.

2) Will the slideshows be updated or will new ones be added?

New slideshows are continually being added to this site. Buying a password now will enable you to download any updates for the next year for for no added cost.

3) What am I getting for my money?

For a single payment (currently £50) you can buy access to the whole content of this site for the next year including new files that will be uploaded in the following 12 months. The files are fully editable PowerPoint files that you can freely edit and adjust according to your teaching style. The files are downloaded as PPX and PPTX files, and can be opened by all modern versions of Microsoft PowerPoint , and even Libre Office.

4) What makes this site different from other resource sites on the internet?

There are many websites on the internet that contain PowerPoints for teaching. However, this site is different in that it simply contains only PowerPoint files that are specifically matched to different courses. You won't need to spend ages looking through different resources to find the one you want - you'll find it using the menu on the left straight away! You can also check out the "Reviews" section to see what previous subscribers have said about the resources on this site.

5) I paid for a password but haven't received an email. What's gone wrong?

Please check your SPAM filters and folders first. If you can't see the email in your SPAM or trash folder then please contact us

6) Can I still use these files even if I don't have PowerPoint?

Yes you can - you can download and install "Libre Office" for free which lets you open and edit PowerPoints - just search for "Libre Office" in any good search engine.