About this site

This site aims to make high-quality PowerPoint slideshows available for downloading and using as teaching and revision aids.

There are many websites that contain teaching aids but Education Using PowerPoint is different in that it only contains PowerPoints that are specifically designed to match the different courses on offer.

The resources in this site have been designed to match the following courses:

The files are fully-editable and can be easily adapted to match other courses or your own teaching style.

License information

The files on this site are password protected. For a small fee you can purchase a password (click here to see how) and this will enable you to download the files. For more licensing information, click here.

Copyright information

The slideshows contained on this website are copyright. They must only be used by a school who have purchased them via a school order or through an individual employed by that school. They must not be passed to other schools without express written permission.

All of the slideshows contain images. These images have been selected, as far as possible, from non-copyrighted sources. However, if you own the copyright to one of these images and object to it being used please contact the website and it will be removed immediately.

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