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This slideshow covers: Using a microscope, plant cells and animal cells, specialised cells, tissues and organs, cell growth, the development of modern genetics, the work of Gregor Mendel, mitosis and meiosis, cell growth, measuring growth, environmental variation, sexual and asexual reproduction, how sex is determined, dominant and recessive alleles, genes, chromosomes and DNA, how genes work, DNA mutations, making DNA copies, using DNA in forensics, making proteins, how eye colour is determined, monohybrid cross diagrams, punnett squares, inherited diseases such as Huntingdon's Disease and cystic fibrosis, family pedigree charts, diffusion, single-celled organisms, examples of diffusion in the body, enzymes, gene therapy, cloning plants, cloning animals, variation, animal regeneration, stem cells and their use in research, the Hayflick Limit, genetic testing and its ethics, embryo selection and its ethics, uses of genetic engineering, genetically engineering insulin, genetic modification.

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