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This slideshow contains material about: biospheres, ecosystems, taking samples from an ecosystem, autotrophs and heterotrophs, adaptation, adapted features in polar bears, camels, cacti and fish, seasonal adaptations, competition within an environment, predators and prey, food chains, pyramids of number, pyramids of biomass, energy flow in a food chain, improving the efficiency of food chains, farming methods, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, decay of organisms and food, decomposers, evolution, the development of life on Earth, common ancestors, evidence for evolution, natural selection and how it works, the example of the peppered moth and of bacteria, Darwin and Lamarck, classifying organisms, the 5 Kingdoms, vertebrates and invertebrates, the Binomial System of naming organisms, problems with classifying species, geographic isolation, selective breeding, global population changes, population and pollution, pollution indicators on land and in water, reducing pollution by recycling, deforestation, the greenhouse effect, sustainable development, evolution of the Earth's atmosphere, global warming, conservation, ozone, eutrophication, worldwide food production, fish farms, extreme environments, mutations, extinct species, endangered species and their protection, soil, biomass calculations.

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