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This slideshow covers: aerobic respiration, muscles, the effect of exercise, anaerobic respiration, uses for energy, the four parts of blood, blood types, mixing blood types, blood group genetics, the circulatory system, the heart, double circulation, arteries and veins, capillaries, the role of haemoglobin, heart rate and pacemakers, monitoring heart rate, types of skeleton, the skeletal system, bone structure, damaging bones, joints, joint movement, the knee, medical treatments, enzymes, enzyme use in nature, enzymes in digestion, bile and the liver, industrial uses of enzymes, homeostasis, artificial homeostasis, controlling body temperature, heat stroke, hypothermia, the role of blood vessels and sweat, controlling blood sugar levels, diabetes, genetic engineering, insulin, kidneys, controlling water content, dialysis, kidney transplants, diffusion, active transport, the respiratory system, diffusion in the lungs, the nervous system, nervous reactions, conscious actions and reflex actions, synapses, the brain, the eye, the iris reflex, Pavlov's Dog, complex behaviour, the cerebral cortex, studying the brain, memory, the effect of drugs, hormones, fertility, the menstrual cycle, IVF, other fertility treatments, the reproductive systems, eggs and sperm, foetal scanning, fertilisation, the development of an embryo, giving birth, after birth, balanced diets, poor diets, metabolic rate and health, conditions caused by excess weight, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, repairing damaged hearts, heart transplants, body-mass index, food tests, proteins, eating disorders, cannabis, smoking, tobacco and lung cancer, stopping smoking, developing new drugs, thalidomide, tuberculosis, researching new drugs, placebos, the respiratory system, breathing, measuring lung capacity, diffusion in the lungs, human growth, life expectancy.

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