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This slideshow covers many aspects of geology and Earth science, including: the structure of the Earth, the lithosphere, tectonic plate movements, sea-floor spreading, continental drift, tectonic theory, the work of Alfred Wegner, forming mountains, formation of rocks, some examples of erosion, erosion experiments, rock fragments, types of rock, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks, the rock cycle, soil, the Earth's atmosphere, evolution of the atmosphere, the Miller-Urey experiment, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, separating air, pollution, data on air pollution, combustion of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the dangers of carbon monoxide, incomplete combustion, pollution, removing sulfur, wet scrubbing, reducing pollution from vehicles, alternative fuels, making choices about pollution, hydrogen fuel cells, acid rain, global warming, the greenhouse effect, limestone, the limestone cycle, uses of calcium compounds, thermal decomposition of carbonates, fuels, crude oil, composition of crude oil, formation of oil and gas, hydrocarbons, burning hydrocarbons, fractional distillation, alkanes, general formula of alkanes, burning fossil fuels, uses of crude oil, ethanol, cracking, alkenes, general formula of alkenes, addition reactions, monomers and polymers, uses of addition polymers, structure of plastics, disposal and recycling of plastics, biodegradable carrier bags, making ethanol, water, the water cycle, hard and soft water, removing hardness, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, chemicals in the atmosphere, intermolecular forces, crystal lattices, silicon dioxide, covalent structures.

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