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This slideshow covers information about the Periodic Table, including: the three states of matter, particle theory, kinetic theory, elements, testing for hydrogen and oxygen, atomic structure, mass and atomic number, isotopes, electron structure, grouping elements, basic facts about the Periodic Table, development of the modern table and the role of Newlands and Mendeleev, forms of carbon, information on the elements in groups 1, 7 and 8, properties of the alkali metals, reactivity trends in group 1, compounds made from the halogens, reactivity trends in group 7, displacement reactions of the halogens, the transition metals, flame tests, the noble gases, metals, nanoscience, drawing atoms, atomic mass, the mole, numbers of moles, chromatography, emulsions, emulsifiers, dissolving substances, evaporation and filtration, distillation, saturated solutions, solubility, common elements and their symbols.

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