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This slideshow covers a large amount of information about electricity including: static electricity, how it is formed, Van De Graaf generators, how photocopiers and smoke precipitators make use of static electricity, circuit symbols, transfer of electrical energy, electric current, electrical power, the Watt, conventional current, current in series and parallel circuits, voltage in series and parallel circuits, Kirchoff's Laws, resistance, Ohm's Law, resistors in series and parallel, power dissipation in resistors, charge carrier density, electron drift speed, resistivity, potential dividers, internal resistance, short circuits, current-voltage graphs for bulbs and diodes, LDRs and thermistors, wiring a plug, DC and AC, using oscilloscopes, fuses, earth wires, circuit breakers, charge, work done. using voltmeters and ammeters, the cost of electricity, the motor effect, electric motors, electromagnetic induction, AC generators, the National Grid and electricity supply, power lines, transformers and how they work, types of batteries, battery capacity, electrical inventions, the development of computers, superconductivity, capacitors, current-time and voltage-time graphs for capacitors, charging and discharging capacitors, time constant, energy stored in capacitors, combining capacitors in series and parallel.

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