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This PowerPoint covers the whole of the Topic 5 - Waves unit from the 2015 EdExcel A Level Physics course. It includes: basics about waves, the wave equation, transverse and longitudinal waves, wavefronts, phase difference, coherence, superposition, constructive and destructive interference, path difference, standing waves, measuring the speed of a wave along a string, travelling waves, reflection, refraction, Snell's law, critical angles, measuring the refractive index, converging and diverging lenses, drawing ray diagrams, the lens equation, magnification, combining lenses, polarisation, polarising microwaves, diffraction, Huygens' Principle, interference patterns, measuring the wavelength of laser light, wave-particle duality, electron diffraction, pulse-echo, ultrasound, photoelectric emission, the particle nature of light, photon energy, photons, electronvolts, absorption and emission spectra, transitions between energy levels.

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