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This slideshow covers the Waves topic from the 2016 AQA syllabus and includes: a wave as a movement of energy, transverse and longitudinal waves, definitions of amplitude, frequency and wavelength, the wave equation, drawing a wave on graph paper, measuring the speed of a wave, wavefronts, what happens when waves hit a boundary, reflection, sound waves and how they travel, converting sound to vibrations in the ear or a microphone, echo sounding, ultrasound, earthquakes, using seismic waves to investigate the structure of the Earth, electromagnetic waves, the electromagnetic spectrum, refraction, drawing wavefronts during refraction, using radio waves, harmful radiation and causing mutations or cancer, transmitting signals using radio waves or microwaves, using infra red, uses and dangers of different electromagnetic waves, convex and concave lenses, drawing ray diagrams for lenses, finding the focal length of a lens, calculating the magnification of a lens, specular and diffuse reflection, how filters work, seeing coloured objects in different colours of light, translucent vs transparent, blackbody radiation, colour and temperature, emitting and absorbing radiation, factors that affect the temperature of the Earth.

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