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This slideshow covers the P1 unit from the OCR 21st Century 2016 syllabus, including: what waves are, electromagnetic radiation, the electromagnetic spectrum, what happens when waves hit a boundary, electron structure and how radiation affects it, changing atoms by ionisation, dangers of the electromagnetic spectrum, use for different radiations, how radio waves are transmitted, evidence for global warming, the greenhouse effect, the role of carbon dioxide in global warming, radiation emitted by objects of different colours, how incoming and outgoing radiation affects the temperature of a body, factors that affect the temperature of the Earth, definitions of amplitude, wavelength and frequency, what transverse and longitudinal waves are, the wave equation, measuring the speed of water waves and sound, reflection, refraction, why light is refracted, specular and diffuse reflection, different colours of light and their different wavelengths, how lenses work, converging and diverging lenses, how colour filters work, sound waves, how the speed of sound varies in solids, how the ear hears, how sonar works, using ultrasound for scanning, how earthquakes help us study the inside of the Earth, what happens to wavelength and frequency when refraction happens.

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