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This slideshow covers the C1 topic from the 2016 OCR 21st Century syllabus, including: particle theory, changes of state, limitations of the particle model, melting ice, changes of state in terms of bonds, predicting states of matter, composition of the Earth's atmosphere, how the atmosphere has evolved, reasons for the evolution of the atmosphere, forms of pollution, chemical reactions overview, balancing equations, conservation of mass in reactions, burning fuels, producing pollution through the combustion of fuels, removing sulfur, wet scrubbing, reducing pollution from vehicles, testing for oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, exothermic and endothermic reactions, energy level diagrams, representing exothermic and endothermic reactions on energy level diagrams, bond energies, using bond energies to calculate energy changes in a reaction, hydrogen fuel cells and their advantages and disadvantages, the greenhouse effect, effects of global warming, ways of reducing pollution and their different scales and risks, population growth, the rising need for potable water, chlorine in drinking water, how to make water potable, using aeration, distillation, chlorination and filtration to make water potable.

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