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This slideshow covers the 2016 C2 unit, including: the structure of the atom, how our understanding of atomic structure has developed, the work of Dalton, Rutherford and Bohr, relative sizes and scales of atoms, approximate sizes of different objects in terms of atoms, facts about protons, neutrons and electrons, calculating numbers of protons, neutrons and electrons, facts about the Periodic Table, electron structure, rows and periods and how they relate to electron configuration, how the Periodic table was developed by Mendeleev, properties of metals, Group 1 and its properties and reactivity, Group 7 and its properties and reactivity, displacement reactions of metal halides, Group 0 and its properties, ionic bonding, predicting formulae of ionic compounds, properties of ionic substances, dot and cross diagrams for ionic substances, giant ionic structures, numbers of protons and electrons for ions, dissolving and melting ionic substances, limitations of different ways of drawing ionic models, balancing equations, balancing ions in compounds, naming compounds, properties of transition metals.

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