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This slideshow covers: metals and bonding within them, how metallic bonding leads to different properties, reactivity of metals, the Reactivity Series, balancing equations, revision of ionic bonding, displacement reactions, ionic equations for displacement reactions, extracting metals from ores, how extraction depends on reactivity, bioleaching and phytomining, electrolytes, electrolysis, writing half equations for electrolysis, oxidation and reduction in electrolysis, extracting aluminium using electrolysis, predicting products from electrolysis, hydrocarbons and crude oil, fractional distillation, alkanes, general formula for alkanes, forces between hydrocarbon molecules, covalent bonding, dot and cross diagrams, limitations of ways of drawing covalent molecules, how intermolecular forces lead to properties, cracking, alkenes, general formula for alkenes, addition polymerisation, alcohols, carboxylic acids, burning hydrocarbons.

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