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This slideshow covers: a definition of homeostasis, factors that need controlling in our bodies, the nervous system and how it works, the roles of receptors, coordinators and effectors, conscious actions, reflex actions, nerve cells, synapses, the brain, how the brain can be studied, the eye, how we see things, focusing on different distances (accommodation), the iris reflex, using lenses to correct short and long sightedness, using lasers in surgery, controlling body temperature, vasoconstriction and vasodilation, hormones and the endocrine system, the pituitary gland, how our bodies control blood sugar levels, diabetes, how diabetes is linked to obesity, the role of glucogen, negative feedback, osmosis, excreting waste products, amino acids in digestion, kidneys, ultrafiltration and selective reabsorption in kidneys, how our bodies control water content, dialysis, kidney transplants, hormones in sexual reproduction, hormones in the menstrual cycle, fertility, the stages of the menstrual cycle, methods of contraception, evaluating different methods of contraception, fertility drugs and IVF, evaluating fertility treatment, adrenaline and thyroxine, plant hormones, geotropism and phototropism, using auxin, ethene and gibberellins in plants.

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