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Use this slideshow to teach unit 6 from the 2016 Science (Biology) course. It covers: sexual reproduction, cell growth through mitosis, gamete formation through meiosis, mitosis and meiosis compared, sexual and asexual reproduction compared, examples of sexual and asexual reproduction in nature, genes, chromosomes and DNA, the Human Genome Project, DNA in more detail, making proteins using mRNA and ribosomes, mutations in DNA, proteins, mutations in DNA and how they affect proteins, the genetics of gender inheritance, definitions of genetics terms such as homozygous, heterozygous, dominant and recessive, the Punnett square method of determining inheritance, inherited diseases, genetic cross diagrams, variation, environmental differences in species, beneficial mutations, definition of "species", selective breeding, examples of selective breeding, basics of genetic engineering, genetic modification and how it is done, cloning plants, cloning animals, the Theory of Evolution, natural selection and how it works, controversy about Darwin's work, natural selection in bacteria and MRSA, Darwin's theories compared to Lamarck's, speciation, how geographical isolation can lead to speciation, the work of Gregor Mendel, evidence for evolution, fossils and how they are formed, extinct species and how they became extinct, using antibiotics sparingly, classification of organisms and the work of Linnaeus, the 5 kingdoms, common ancestors and the evolution tree.

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