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This slideshow covers everything from Biology unit 7, including: ecosystems, competition within an ecosystem, interdependence, abiotic and biotic factors in an ecosystem, adaptation, extreme environments and extremophiles, food chains, producers in food chains, using quadrats, definitions of terms such as top carnivore and tertiary consumer, predator-prey cycles, the carbon cycle, the water cycle, decomposition, conditions needed for decay, decay of milk and example results, compost bins, biogas generators and how they work, impact of environmental changes, biodiversity, waste management, land use, destruction of peat bogs, deforestation, carbon dioxide and global warming, the greenhouse effect, potential effects of global warming, maintaining biodiversity, numbering trophic levels in a food chain, decomposers, pyramids of biomass, energy flow in a food chain with an example calculation of percentage loss, global population changes and how they affect food security, farming techniques and how to improve efficiency in a food chain, sustainable development, fusarium fungus and mycoprotein, genetically modified foods.

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