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This slideshow covers: photosynthesis and what it needs and produces, factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis, the two stages of photosynthesis, uses for glucose, enzymes and how they work, how enzymes are denatured, limiting the rate of photosynthesis, light intensity and how it affects photosynthesis, diffusion, osmosis, active transport, diffusion in stomata and bacteria cells, root hair cells, xylem and phloem, transpiration, factors affecting the rate of transpiration, measuring the rate of transpiration using a potometer, uses of carbon and nitrogen compounds, enzymes in digestion, food tests, food chains, plants as producers in food chains, food webs, numbering trophic levels in a food chain, pyramids of biomass, energy flow in a food chain, calculating the percentage of biomass transferred between levels in a food chain, ecosystems, competition within an ecosystem, interdependence, the water cycle, the carbon cycle, decomposition, factors affecting the rate of decay, landfill sites and the production of methane, abiotic factors in an ecosystem, biotic factors in an ecosystem, using quadrats, bioaccumulation, eutrophication, changes in population and how it affects a food chain, taking samples in an ecosystem, pollution indicators and identification keys.

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