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This slideshow covers: health and the WHO definition of good health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, how diseases can interact, pathogens and how they enter our body, types of pathogen, viruses and bacteria, examples of infections (HIV, cholera, ash dieback disease, malaria, ebola), how viruses reproduce including the lytic pathway and lysogenic pathway, facts about STIs and how they are spread (including chlamydia and HIV), how plants defend themselves against infections, plant diseases, how our bodies defend ourselves against microbes, the role of white blood cells, producing antibodies, immunity, specificity of antibodies, ways to prevent the spread of diseases, vaccinations and how they work, vaccination policies, antibiotics, growing microorganisms using agar plates, calculating the area of bacteria growth, how new drugs are discovered and researched, monoclonal antibodies and their uses, using monoclonal antibodies to fight cancer, using data to investigate health patterns, how non-communicable diseases can develop due to factors such as lifestyle, body-mass index and how it is calculated, cardio vascular disease, how the heart can be mended, factors to consider when prescribing a treatment.

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