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Use this slideshow to teach the separate science content from the 2016 EdExcel course. It covers: transition metals and their properties, rusting and what causes it, how to prevent rusting, galvanising and sacrificial protection, electroplating, alloys and examples of alloys, strengthening an alloy using impurities, concentration, converting concentrations, titration and how to do it, calculating missing quantities in titrations, calculating the mass of a product, percentage yield, why theoretical yield might not be made, atom economy, reasons for choosing reaction pathways, molar volume, Avogadro's Law, calculating the volume of a product, reversible reactions, shifting the equilibrium in a reversible reaction, how changing the temperature and pressure affects an equilibrium, the economics of the Haber Process, production of fertilisers, making ammonium sulfate, chemical cells, fuel cells and their advantages and disadvantages.

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