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This PowerPoint file covers topic 7 from the 2016 EdExcel syllabus, including: hormones and where they are made in the human body, the endocrine system, the role of adrenaline, the role of thyroxine and how it is used in the body, hormones in human reproduction, the menstrual cycle, the role of FSH, LH and oestrogen in the menstrual cycle, methods of contraception, evaluating methods of contraception, fertility drugs such as clomifene and how hormones are used in IVF treatments, homeostasis and why it is important, controlling body temperature, the role of the thermoregulatory centre and vasoconstriction/vasodilation, how the body maintains constant internal body temperature, controlling blood sugar levels and the role of glycogen, negative feedback, diabetes, body-mass index, waist:hip ratios, links between diabetes and obesity, how kidneys work, kidney structure, controlling water content and the role of ADH, dialysis, kidney transplants, amino acids and digestion.

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