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This PowerPoint covers: formulations and what they are, pure and impure substances, melting points of mixtures, boiling points of mixtures, separating mixtures using chromatography, evaporation, filtration and fractional distillation, representative sampling, flame tests, precipitation reactions, metal hydroxides and their precipitates, testing for carbonates, testing for halide ions, testing for sulfate ions, flame emission spectroscopy, instrumental methods, conservation of mass in reactions, balancing equations, atomic mass, relative formula mass, a mole and its definition, calculating the number of moles, balancing equations using moles, limiting quantities in reactions, calculating the mass of a product, problems with calculating the masses of products, percentage yields, calculating the volume of a product, quantitative vs qualitative analysis, concentration and how to calculate it, converting concentrations, acids and alkalis, universal indicator, the pH scale, neutralisation reactions, titration, titration calculations.

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