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Use this slideshow to teach the C6 unit. It covers: adding acids to metals, writing word equations, adding acids to carbonates, making salts, making soluble salts, using ions to write chemical formulae, universal indicator and the pH scale, different types of indicator, neutralisation reactions, writing word equations for neutralisation reactions, strength and concentration of acids, collision theory, rates of reaction and how they are affected by surface area, concentration, temperature and pressure, energy level diagrams for reactions, how catalysts work, representing catalysts on energy level diagrams, measuring the rate of reaction, calculating the rate of reaction using tangents on a graph, using enzymes as catalysts, industrial uses of enzymes, endothermic and exorthermic reactions recap, reversible reactions, equilibrium, changing equilibrium by changing temperature and pressure, NPK fertilisers, eutrophication, making ammonia, the Haber Process, atom economy, factors to consider when choosing a reaction pathway, green chemistry, making ammonium sulfate.

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