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Use this PowerPoint file to teach Electricity from the EdExcel syllabus, including: the structure of the atom, circuit symbols, energy and charge, the definition of electric current, calculating charge, what happens to current and voltage in series and parallel circuits, how to calculate resistance, Ohm's Law, how varying the resistance affects current, using variable resistors in circuits, resistors in series and parallel, current-voltage graphs for bulbs, diodes and LDRs, how the resistance of a thermistor or LDR depends on temperature or light, using LDRs and thermistors in circuits as control mechanisms, understanding resistance, heating effect due to movement of electrons, calculating electrical power, DC and AC, wiring a plug, fuses and how they work, earth wires and how they work as safety mechanisms, circuit breakers and their advantages, potential differences between wires in a plug, power ratings of everyday appliances.

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