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This slideshow covers everything from the B5 topic of the 2016 OCR 21st Century syllabus, including: what our bodies, need, diffusion, osmosis, active transport, examples of diffusion, osmosis and active transport in humans, how the lungs, kidneys and intestines use diffusion, the circulatory system, how systems work together in the human body,the heart and how it works, arteries, veins and capillaries, the different parts of blood, how exchange surfaces are adapted, surface area to volume ratios, the nervous system and how it works, conscious actions, structure of a nerve cell, synapses and how they work, reflex actions, the brain and its component parts, techniques for studying the brain, hormones and where they are produced, the endocrine system, adrenaline and thyroxine and how they are examples of negative feedback, homeostasis and what it means, how the body controls body temperature, vasodilation and vasoconstriction, osmosis and how it affects animal cells, kidneys and how they work, how the body regulates water content, hormones in human reproduction and the menstrual cycle, how fertility is affected by oestrogen, LH and FSH, methods of contraception, evaluating methods of contraception, fertility drugs, how IVF works, evaluating fertility treatment, how the liver controls blood sugar levels, glucogen and negative feedback, diabetes, how the eye works, the iris reflex, how the eye focuses on near and far objects, colour blindness, how long and short-sightedness can be corrected with lenses, cataracts, brain damage and limitations to treating it, stem cells, ethics behind decision making regarding stem cells.

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