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Use this slideshow to help you teach the Biology topic 9. It covers: organisation in an ecosystem, abiotic factors and how to sample them, the effects of changing abiotic factors, biotic factors, interdependence, examples of interdependent relationships such as parasitism and mutualism, predator-prey cycles, using quadrats and transect lines, trophic levels in a food chain, pyramids of biomass, energy flow in a food chain, example calculations of efficiency in a food chain, ecosystems and biodiversity, fish farming, red and grey squirrels as an example of a non-indigenous species, eutrophication and its effect on fish, maintaining biodiversity, rises in the human population, food security as a result of the rising population, the carbon cycle, the water cycle, ways to treat water to make it potable, fertilisers, crop rotation, bacteria in the nitrogen cycle, pollution indicators such as lichen, decomposition and what conditions it needs, compost bins and how they encourage decay, using milk as an example of biological decay.

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