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This slideshow covers the triple science content from Topic 9 of the 201 EdExcel course, including: flame tests and their colours, precipitation reactions, forming precipitates using metal hydroxides, testing for ammonia, testing for ammonium ions, testing for carbonates, testing for carbon dioxide, testing for halide ions, testing for sulfate ions, advantages of instrumental methods, flame emission spectroscopy as an instrumental method, crude oil and what it is made of, alkanes and alkenes, how but-1-ene and but-2-ene are different, functional groups, reactions of alkenes with bromine, testing for alkenes using bromine water, burning hydrocarbons, monomers and polymers, properties of polymers including PTFE and polypropene, condensation polymerisation and its general formula, problems with using and disposing of polymers, recycling and why it should be done, DNA as a polymer, alcohols and their functional group, carboxylic acids, fermentation, purifying ethanol by distillation, nanotechnology and some example uses, properties of ceramics and polymers, composite materials, alloys.

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