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This PowerPoint covers: ecosystems and their definition, taking samples of an ecosystem, using quadrats, measuring and estimating population sizes, transect lines and zonation, ecosystems and biodiversity, human interactions with ecosystems, land use, deforestation, maintaining biodiversity, sustainable development, pollution indicator species, global warming, carbon dioxide and global warming, potential effects of global warming, global population changes, factors affecting food security, feeding a growing population, intensive farming techniques, pros and cons of organic and intensive farming, hydroponics, selective breeding, basics of genetic engineering, how genetic engineering is done, genetically modified foods and their pros and cons, the definition of health and well being, communicable and non-communicable diseases, how diseases can interact, HIV and TB as an example of a disease interaction, pathogens and how they enter the body, how pathogens are spread, examples of plant diseases such as ash dieback and TMV, preventing the spread of diseases in plants and humans, plant defence mechanisms, signs of plant disease, how we defend ourselves against microbes, the function of white blood cells, producing antibodies, specific antibodies, platelets and their role in clotting, monoclonal antibodies and how they are produced, how monoclonal antibodies are used in fighting cancer and elsewhere, vaccinations, antibiotics, antivirals and antiseptics, growing microorganisms in a petri dish, calculating areas of bacterial colonies, how new drugs are discovered, researching new medicines, lifestyle and diseases, cardiovascular disease, how the heart can be mended, health lifestyles and their link to disease, cancer, stem cells and their uses, ethical factors concerning stem cell research, the Human Genome Project, problems with gene technology.

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