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This topic covers the entire "Waves" unit from the International Baccalaureate Physics course, including: definitions of terms such as amplitude and frequency, phase difference, simple harmonic motion, graphs of displacement, velocity and acceleration for SHM, maximum values for SHM, energy changes during SHM, travelling waves, the wave equation, transverse and longitudinal waves, measuring the speed of waves, electromagnetic radiation, the EM spectrum, wavefronts, dissipation of a wave, superposition, constructive and destructive interference, polarisation, Malus' Law, reflection of waves, refraction of waves, Snell's Law, the critical angle, example questions on the critical angle, measuring the refractive index of a material, diffraction, path difference, interference patterns from single and double slits, Young's Double Slit experiment, standing waves, nodes and antinodes, harmonics in wind and string instruments, nodes and antinodes in open and closed pipes.

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