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This slideshow includes PowerPoint slides to help you teach topic 5 from the IB Physics course, including: electric current, conventional current, revision of AC and DC, charge and current, calculating charge using Q=It, definition of voltage, electrical work done, electric fields and point charges (positive and negative), Coulomb's Law, uniform electric fields, the electronvolt, carrier density, drift speed, drift speeds down wires of different areas, current and voltage in series and parallel circuits, Kirchoff's Laws, resistances of voltmeters and ammeters, the heating effect of currents, V=IR, calculating resistance, Ohmic and non-Ohmic conductors, I-V graphs for bulbs and diodes, resistors in series and parallel circuits, potential dividers, practical applications of potential dividers in circuits, resistivity, electrical power, EMF, internal resistance, electric potentials, how cells lose voltage over time, recharging a battery, magnetic fields around bar magnets and wires, making an electromagnet, the motor effect, F=BIL, charged particles in magnetic fields, F=BQv, circular paths of charged particles.

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