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This slideshow covers: spectra, absorption and emission spectra, energy levels, converting energy changes into discrete energy levels, absorption and emission of radiation and how it relates to energy levels, facts about the atom, mass and atomic number, isotopes, background radiation, changes in mass and proton number during radioactive decay, blocking radiation, half life, evidence for neutrinos, radioactive decay equations, the unified atomic mass unit, binding energy, energy-mass equivalence, binding energy by nucleon, nuclear fusion and fission, calculating energy released by fission and fusion, using different units for mass, the structure of an atom, Rutherford Scattering, fundamental particles, the Standard Model, quarks and their properties, antiquarks, baryons and mesons, hadrons and leptons, conserving properties such as lepton number and baryon number, four fundamental forces, exchange bosons, particle interactions, Feynman diagrams and how to draw them, strangeness, confinement, the Higgs Boson.

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