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This slideshow covers the content of topic 1 from the EdExcel 9-1 iGCSE course in Chemistry, including: revision of particle theory, changes of state, changes of mass, gas diffusion, definitions of terms such as saturated solution, what happens when something dissolves, solubility, elements, compounds and mixtures, heating curve for ice, melting points of different solutions, ways to separate mixtures (including chromatography, filtration, evaporation and distillation), RF values, the structure of the atom, mass number, atomic number, an introduction to the periodic table, electron structure for different groups in the periodic table, how to name compounds, balancing equations, state symbols, relative formula mass, definition of the mole, calculating the mass of a product, calculating percentage yield and empirical formulae, volume and concentration, how to convert a concentration, calculating the volume of a gas, an introduction to bonding, the basics of ionic and covalent bonding, balancing ions, giant ionic structures, what happens when an ionic structure dissolves, dot and cross diagrams, properties of simple covalent compounds, giant covalent structures, fullerenes, metals and metallic bonding, thermal and electrical conductivity in metals, electrolysis and how it works, the reactivity series and its relevance for electrolysis, half equations, electrolysis of molten sodium chloride.

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