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This PowerPoint covers: the alkali metals and their properties, the halogens and their properties, the reactivity of group 1 and group 7 explained using electron structure, how to test for chlorine, displacement reactions, composition of the Earth's atmosphere, determining the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, combustion of elements, thermal decomposition of carbonates, global warming, the greenhouse effect, the reactivity series, displacement reactions, rusting and ways to prevent it, galvanising and sacrificial protection, redox reactions, how to extract a metal from its ore, alloys, basic facts about acids and alkalis, different indicators, the pH scale, titration, solubility rules for different ions, acids and bases, neutralisation reactions, how to make different salts, reactions of common compounds with different acids, testing for hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia, flame tests, testing for ammonium ions, testing for copper, iron, halide and sulfate ions, testing for water and water purity.

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