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This slideshow covers: a recap of circular motion and its equations, simple harmonic motion, graphs of displacement, velocity and time for SHM, SHM equations with trig functions, maximum values for SHM, mass-spring and pendulum systems as examples of SHM, energy changes during SHM, diffraction from single slits, how wavelength or slit size effects the diffraction pattern, coherence, superposition, path difference for constructive and destructive interference, Young's Double Slit experiment, interference patterns from two slits, modulation, thin film interference and how it works, the maths of thin film interference, how refractive index affects thin film interference, image resolution, the Rayleigh Criterion, diffraction gratings, resolvance using diffraction gratings, the Doppler Effect, spectra, moving light sources and how their wavelength and frequency are affected, example questions on the maths of the Doppler Effect.

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