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9.0 "8"

  • Teacher
  • +Easy to use, excellent start off on planning and can build up, great that it caters for different specs,
  • -Need answers to questions , so that exercises can given to students as additional or remote work and to self evaluate. Sometimes you want to set work when you are busy hence students can get on with independent work. Different a little more for levels 6-9.., some challenges are needed.

Andrew Chanerley

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10.0 "10/10"

  • Teacher
  • +Easy to use, reasonable price, good design and presentation of salient points and facts, good for additional homework.
  • -None at present

ken Peters

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10.0 "This is a fantastic resource which allows all to gain access to a wide range of the science curriculum from key stage 3 to A level."

  • Teacher
  • +The material is fully differentiated to cater to the needs of all categories of pupils particularly to the needs of SEND pupils.
  • -Answers should be given to set exercises in the slides.


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10.0 "great when i work in a school with teachers going off sick all the time. Cover teachers can use this and I know the children are still getting quality work. "

  • Head of school / department
  • +match the spec.
    A great starting point for teachers.
    Great for when you have teachers on long term sick.
  • -nothing major. Can be a little boring if teachers don't add to it.

Sam Jordan

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10.0 "Brilliant!"

  • Teacher
  • +Nicely presented and great content with clear diagrams. Nice that some slides include answers to questions. They don't contain flash so will still work next year!
  • -Ocassionally some of the language in the GCSE physics slides is over simplified but it is easy to modify them.