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Bernie Catchpole

+1 -0

10.0 "Excellent resource, content spot on to each specification, kids always say after exams that everything in the exam was covered by the PowerPoints "

  • Teacher
  • +Easy - user friendly, targeted to specific specifications, precise and accurate
  • -To be even better I would like all of the exercises to have the answers, but this is hardly difficult to overcome.

Joseph Carl Moller

+1 -0

10.0 "Comprehensive coverage of all topics within KS3 & KS4, and excellent Physics A level materials. "

  • Teacher
  • +Great for revision lessons.
    Excellent animations.
    LOTS of examples for students to use.
    Ease of use.
  • -Not found one.


+2 -0

9.0 "This site provides a widerange of presentations from KS3 to A level. The presentat5ions are high quality and supply summary material which is board specific."

  • +Quality first class.
    Covers new KS3 and all GCSE boards including overseas.
  • -Very few major issues. I would like to see answer slides to all in text questions and some more higher tier material which targets grades 7-9.

Yasmin Mallick

+0 -0

9.0 "Excellent resources that are adaptable and comprehensive"

  • Teacher
  • +Most content is covered across all three Sciences
  • -Useful links to you tube videos could be embedded within the presentations

Richard Daw, Head of Science, JFS School, UK

+1 -0

10.0 "Teachers in my department love these"

  • Head of school / department
  • +My staff use these power points every day and think the clarity and usability are far superior to other packages out there. We think they have had a big influence on our improved results not to mention saving the teachers time and energy.
  • -Cant think of any?