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Gill Smith, Head of Science, Stratford Upon Avon High School, UK / 10-04-2015, 13:24

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10.0 "Great teaching material"

  • Teacher
  • +I have found the power points relevant and specifically linked to the exam syllabus. They are visually appealing and easy to download from the site. I have used them in 'spaced learning' a new revision technique which my pupils loved - it made revision fun.
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Carlyn Little, Science Teacher, USA / 23-04-2014, 13:44

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10.0 "Love it!"

  • Teacher
  • +I really like your powerpoints. Being in the US I only had to make a few changes dealing with the language differences - like colour to color. Your powerpoints and flash are easy to use, easy to understand and cover the basics you need to cover for each area. The kids like to fill in the blank spots in the dialog making it an interactive presentation. Your graphics make understanding complicated topics like energy usage easy and my students laugh at some of the more humorous illustrations. I often use your powerpoints as jumping off points for labs, or activities like foldables. Keep up the great work.
  • -Slight language tweaks I have to do (but doesn't bother me too much)